Recently Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Version that includes some new functions. It was delayed because of a bug that deletes files but that is fixed now

Windows 10 Versions

Each 6 months Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 Build.
Here is a list of all versions so far.

  1. (Juli 2015) Build 1507
  2. (October 2015) Build 1511
  3. (August 2016) Build 1607
  4. (April 2017) Build 1703
  5. (October 2017) Build 1709
  6. (April 2018) Build 1803
  7. (November 2018) Build 1809

These big updates contain important updates for both the OS and Protection.

Build 1809

Dark File explorer

If you activate the dark theme you will also get a dark file explorer.

Window border

The 1px borders at the edge of the windows will be removed.

Activating Dark Mode
Dar File Explorer

You can go to windows update or download it from the Microsoft Website

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