Mojang announced Minecraft 1.14 at minecon last month. Here are some of the new things we will get in 1.14

Village and Pillage

village and pillage will be the name of 1.14 and it will bring us smarter villagers and biome themed buildings to start with. Villages can now be attacked by bandits who will steal the crops and kill anyone who gets in their way. They are armed with a crossbow that can be crafted as well by players. We will also see some new blocks like bamboo and campfires but new wooden blocks will also be added like dark oak signs etc. And last but not least we get panda’s!

Modding in the bedrock edition

Right now people can only mod Minecraft bedrock edition by replacing blocks and mobs. Soon however modders can create completely new blocks and mobs without replacing anything. This means much more modding on Windows 10, Xbox1, Smartphones and the Switch in the near future.

Minecraft 1.14 is likely to release in q1 of 2019

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