Bing Chat AI review

Since a few days i am able to test the new ai powered Bing from Microsoft and the results are both interesting and terrifying at the same time. Making a whole article As you can see in the screenshot above, the AI is able to create a whole webpage! And i can even ask it…

Windows Browser Tile

R.I.P Internet Explorer

Today is the last day of Internet explorer. The legendary browser will be discontinued tomorrow. Internet explorer released in 1995 alongside Windows 95. It was the pioneer in many internet features we still use today and rose to the top at the end of the 90’s as the number one browser.


Is Microsoft too woke

Something got my attention lately. While i do fully support the idea the everyone regardless of race, gender, nationality and sexual preference is equal as a human being you can go too far. So far even that you are turning the tables of discrimination 180 degrees. I fear this is while in a light form…


How is Windows 11 so far

Windows 11 is out and it is time to review what we got. Is it better then Windows 10? Should i upgrade? What has changed? Windows 11 released at october 5th. While Microsoft claimed Windows 10 was the last big Windows release back in 2015, they did release Windows 11 6 years later. But while…

Hardware Nvidia Broadcast

Nvidia Broadcast

We all know about it. People on voicechat where you hear a lot of background noise. Rather it’s a fan or player’s keyboard it can be quite annoying but we can’t blame anyone because there was no solution for it. Until now with Nvidia Broadcast…


Windows 11 kills many pc’s

UPDATE I managed to fix the problem for my own PC. You need to go to the Bios and activate TPM. Now that the hype around windows 11 has become a bit less it is time to take a look at the requirements. And it would seem that my 6 month’s old PC will die…